RIGEL Life Sciences


RIGEL Life Sciences began in early 2008 as a solution driven by the needs of the engineering and GMP compliance communities within the pharmaceutical, biomedical and electronic industries, and, more generally, everywhere it is fundamental to monitor and keep low levels of contamination inside the cleanroom.

With the scope to assure to the customers the best the market has to offer, from the foundation a technical and commercial agreement was signed with CLiMET, world leader in the manufacturing of remote and stand alone particle counters.

With the same objective, an innovative project in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Pollution of the National Council for the Researches (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) has been developed, which led to the development of instrumentation and remote systems for microbiological active air sampling with innovative features of efficiency and simplicity.

More recently, the specialized vocations to contamination control and technological excellence have been further emphasized by the achievement of a technical and commercial agreement with BioVigilant, whose net pre-eminence in the equipment for the instantaneous microbial air monitoring is worldwide recognized by the specialists.

For all the above instruments, RIGEL Life Sciences can offer a specialized service (consultancy, maintenance, upgrade and periodic calibration) both in house and at the customer.

The company can also provide a solid technical and/or consulting support for any issue related to contamination control.


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